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Choose One gives you a completely new way to decide between things in your life. With the help of Sets (2 Photos) you can show your friends and the world choices you´re facing.

At the same time you can help other to make the right decisions.


Once you've uploaded a set, all your friends get noticed that you need their help, so you´ll get an instant decision. In this case you can always choose if only your friends can make a decision - or the whole world.


With our new algorithm we´ll find people with similar tastes nearby.

The perfect way to meet people and make friends you´ll love!


If you want to get to know each other you can simply use our new messenger.




- Upload a new Set quickly, decide between private and public or send it in a message

- Get a list of people with similar tastes

- Set as profile picture

- Statistics (Live, Filtered by gender and friendship)

- Messenger with Apple Watch support

- Exclusive Wallpapers for your messenger

- Edit Photos (Filter, Square, Description)

- Full support for all devices using iOS 8 and higher

- Send Message with Siri

- Widget



Some ways to use Choose One:


- Which (cinema movie) should I watch?

- Which is the better restaurant?

- Which is the better Facebook profile picture?

- Best outfit to go out?

- Which sunglasses should I buy?